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Kati Basti – A special way to treat the Lower Back

Lower back pain is very common in the fast life style today. Ayurveda has a special treatment for it called Kati Basti. Kati stands for lower back and Basti for retention. The treatment is to rejuvenate and retain the strength of the lower back on which the whole body weight is. The lumbo sacral therapy is done using hot oil and herbal decoctions. The treatment achieves local oleation which means addition of fat for making the tissues supple and also sudation which is removing excessive salt from the body.
Kati Basti in Rishikesh, India
Kati Basti in Rishikesh, India

Very beneficial in getting rid of Vata Doshas.
The treatment is very effective in reducing pain and inflammation of the lower back.
Improves blood circulation in the lumbar sacral region thus strengthening the lower back.
The therapy makes the back flexible and muscle spasms are gone after the therapy.
Overall nourishment of the bones and connective tissues like ligaments. This in turn helps get rid of all ailments of the lower back.
The oleation helps to keep the joints lubricated.
Beneficial for people having the following conditions:

Chronic backache which can be due to injury, stress or gaining weight.
Degeneration of spine discs which may be due to work or simply genetic or due to old age.
A painful condition due to reduction in space between discs of spine or compression of nerves.
The slipping of spinal disc resulting in pressing of nerves resulting in back or neck pain.
Osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become porous and very weak and prone to fracture.
Osteoarthritis of the hip which makes simple things like sitting and standing very painful.
Rheumatic arthritis a progressive disease which makes moving difficult.
Sciatica a condition due to damaged spinal discs.
Treatment Duration: 30 Minutes

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