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Akshitarpana (Netrabasti) – The Eye treatment in Ayurveda

Akshitarpana (Netrabasti) – The Eye treatment in Ayurveda

Akshitarpana is the use of medicated ghee on eyes. The ghee is applied over the closed eyes for a certain period of time, and then removed. It strengthens the ocular nerves, and also is helpful in correcting eye defects. A very good treatment for eyes tired after working long hours on the computer.

The treatment starts with a gentle massage of the head, eye and face. It helps to increase blood flow in veins. Then ghee is applied to closed eyes. Once the ghee settles on the yes the person is required to close/open eyes many times. Then the ghee is removed.
Netra Basti in Rishikesh, India
Netra Basti in Rishikesh, India
Benefits of treatment:

Vata and Pitta are responsible for most of eye related conditions. The treatment helps to regulate them.
Strengthening of ocular muscles leads to better vision.
The relaxing treatment helps remove dark circles under the eyes and helps remove tiredness. The dark circles may be formed to log exposure to the computer screens or doing eye precision jobs like making jewellery.
The treatment is like an elixir for tired and injured eyes. Dry eye syndrome and pollution effect can be minimized by the treatment.
This Ayurvedic treatment can be effective in preventing cataract formation.
Beneficial in case of following symptoms:

Burning sensation in the eyes due to dust or smoke.
Dryness in eyes commonly known as dry eye syndrome.
A painful condition due to reduction in space between discs of spine or compression of nerves.
The slipping of spinal disc resulting in pressing of nerves resulting in back or neck pain.
Osteoporosis a condition in which bones become porous and very weak and prone to fracture.
Osteoarthritis of the hip which makes simple things like sitting and standing very painful.
Rheumatic arthritis a progressive disease which makes moving difficult.
Sciatica a condition due to damaged spinal discs.
Treatment Duration: 30 - 40 Minutes

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