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Yoga Teacher Training Enrollment Form - Prenatal

Please fill up this yoga teacher training rnrollment form. Post submission of your application, you will be given further information to complete the process for the reservation of your seat.

Please note: While filling the application, please do not use words like I've, don't, doesn't, can't instead of that use it like I have, do not, does not, can not
Incorrect method: I've Correct method: I have


Download and fill the application and send it to us through the school Email ID Download Form
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Reasons for joining this teacher training Programme
What are the primary objectives of your Yoga practice?
What are the components of your current Yoga Practice? Ex,Asana, Pranayama etc
Are you currently teaching yoga? Which style or tradition of Yoga?
How long have you been practicing Yoga?
Do have any particular health issues or limitations?
What are specific areas of interest that you would like to explore in this course?
Do you have any prior experience in yoga therapy? If yes, please explain/elaborate
and if not then please give a note on what you think about yoga as a mode of therapy *
What is the significance of yoga philosophy in teaching practical concepts of yoga? *
Any prior studies in the field of biology? *
Will you be comfortable in studying physiology and anatomy with respect to pregancy? *
Do you need a transport from Airport to Ojashvi Yoga Shala *
Delhi Airport to Rishikesh (pick up) Price : 4000 Rs (US$ 60 around)
Dehradun Airport to Rishikesh (pick up) Price : 1000 (US$ 20 around)
Trivandrum Airport to Verkala (pick up) Price : 3000 Rs (US$ 50 around)
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