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The Role and need of Yoga Teacher

The philosophy and practices of different schools of Yoga such as Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga have contributed a lot to the welfare of mankind through their preventive, promitive and curative aspects as a natural health care measures to strengthen the heath care system. The Hectic research and investigations in the field of Yoga have shown that, the system of Yoga has been quiet effective in the treatment and management of many of the psychosomatic diseases including life style disorders.

The Need of the Yoga Teacher
In the modern life the advantages of Yoga for the mankind are being in demand to increase the quality of the human life and experience, for which there is an ever-growing increased demand for the professionally trained well qualified Yoga teachers.

Teaching skills of Yoga practices demand comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of Yoga which are acquired through proper Yoga Teacher Training Programme. The training, self study and practice will help a lot in shaping well qualified Yoga teacher.
The Role and need of Yoga Teacher
Role of Yoga Teacher
The multiple roles are being played by Yoga teacher as he needs to be an example for his students. The Yoga teacher plays a vital role in shaping the learning experience of the student in his class as guide, mentor and classroom supporter.

People join the Yoga classes with different objectives still having some common needs such as good Physical and mental health and harmony of the emotions. To achieve these objectives teacher generally plan their teachings based on the concepts of their Understanding and Training.

The important quality of the Yoga teacher is to ensure that his Yoga class will be able to cater the needs of the integrated personality as they involve the mind and body as whole through the identification of the human nature.

With this recognition of nature of the personality, without limiting his class either to Physical postures or mental practices such as mediations, he should be well qualified to select to the Set of Yoga practices and sequence them as outlined in the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. This Quality of the teacher will help the students to gain the progressive development in the path of yoga. Without being affected by the distractions and disturbances due to the lack of preparation in the higher practices of Yoga.

Knowledge of Curriculum of Yoga and communication skills
Yoga teacher training is a process of professional preparation of teachers which helps them to gain the Knowledge of Curriculum of Yoga. This is important for them to focus on the methodology of the teaching through the sufficient language proficiency and communication skills.

Continuing education and practice of Yoga for professional development
The teachers must always remember that, the study and practice of Yoga is life long journey and they should always engage in the process of development through the opportunities of continuing education offered by the experienced Yoga teachers and institutions.

Lineage and traditions of Yoga Teachers
It is important to experience the methodologies of the different lineage and traditions as they help us to develop an integrated approach of learning experience having the blend of the best of the principles of teachings of the traditions. A good yoga Teacher should always encourage the students on their Yoga path through the cultivation of good yogic code of conduct.

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