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Samasthithi: Stand straight, toes together, hands beside the thigh.

Adhomukhosvanasana Pose
Steps and Asanasthithi:
Practice he asana, facing the wall.
Place a Gym ball on the wall. And stand 2 feet away.
From the samasthithi, stretch the legs apart 1.5-2 feet apart.
Inhaling stretch the arms up
Exhaling bend forward and place the palms on the ball while looking at the center of the naval.
Maintain the posture for a count of 10-15 breaths.
Inhaling start walking towards the ball and come back to samasthithi.
Repeat the steps with palms interlocked alongwith the elbow resting on the ball.
Vision: Look at the navel

Used in the case of Breech Pregnancy, for facilitating movement of baby for normal delivery.
Standing Squats
Standing Squats:
Place both the arms on the thighs
Inhale deep and exhaling squat
Inhaling come up & exhaling squat again
Repeat the steps for a count of 10-12 squats.
All squats help in flexing the pelvis and flex the legs.
Sweeping on the floor exercise:
Come to complete squat, either from standing position or sitting position.
Place both the palms in front on the body.
Shift the weight on the right side, coming up on the toe.
Slide the left toe back by first sliding the heel, then the toe
Take the palm back
Then shift the weight on the left side and slide the right toe back, first heel then toe
Take the palm back
Repeat the above steps for 2 mins, then rest (perhaps practice kegal’s/ moolbandha) and repeat again. Do this for 3-4 times.
This is an excellent practice for helping to help locking the baby and preparing for the birth. Start with this practice 34th week onwards.

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