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Samasthithi: Vajrasana.

Anjaneyiasana Pose
Steps and Asanasthithi:
Inhale and come up on both knees
Inhaling stretch out the right knee in front, bending the knee so that the thigh is parallel to the ground.
Inhaling join the hands above your head in pranaam mudra. Upper arms touching the ears
Exhaling push the knee forward & push the arms back, stretch your chest and look back. Breathe normally for 6-7 breaths
Inhaling come up & exhaling bring down the hands & come back to kneeling
Repeat the posture on the other side and come back to samasthiti
Vision: Eyes open, look back

Opens up the chest, improves respiration
Flexes the knee, improves blood circulation to the calf muscles
Flexes the neck
Improves blood circulation to the thyroid
Flexes the spine & relieves back ache

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