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Samasthithi: Stand straight, toes together, hands beside the thigh.

Parsvakonasana Pose
Steps and Asanasthithi:
Inhale and move the right leg to the right side (3 ft away from the left leg)
Exhale and turn the right toe towards the right side
Exhale and bend the right knee pushing the body forward, put the right palm on the seat of the chair, left and at the back rest of the chair
Arch the back, push the neck back
Breathe normally for 6-7 counts
Inhale and come back to Samasthithi & repeat the same with the Left leg.
Vision: Eyes open

Strengthens calf muscles
Strengthens back muscles
Used for Sciatica patients
Relieves stiffness in the shoulder and back
Stretch to the groin and hamstrings
Strengthens legs, knees, and ankles
Open up the pelvis
Improves blood flow to thyroid

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