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The Role of Yoga in Pregnancy and its Complications

The journey of the pregnancy for an expecting mother brings a rewarding experience with sense of accomplishment in the life. But the process is not easy for a pregnant woman as it brings lots psycho physiological changes for the mind and body. Some of these changes can lead to various health problems during the different pregnancy which are called as complications of pregnancy. Many of the classical texts on yoga, such as Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati and Natha Muni Yoga Rahasya recommend the women to practice yoga for the blissful journey of pregnancy and for the healthy baby.
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is one of the great opportunities for the yoga teachers and health care professionals associated with pregnancy. Course curriculum helps to deepen the understanding of the role of yoga in pregnancy and its complications in order to help the expecting mothers to achieve the pregnancy in a safe and supportive environment. Each trimester of the prenatal conditions are expected to bring some of the physical and mental including the emotional disturbances to the expecting mothers. Hectic research on the Principles and practices of Yoga in the modern world has shown that, they can be an effective antidote for the following pregnancy complications.
Stress and Its Management During Pregnancy:
The psycho somatic and ongoing physiological and bio chemical changes are bringing the rise in the stressful situations which can affect the sleep patterns, moods and mental health. The practice of meditation and relaxation techniques help to bring the reflection on increasing the level of self acceptance and adjustment over a period of time which can be used as effective tools for the management of the stress and the promotion of the mental health.
Growing baby and the expecting mother are required to be nourished well, but some pregnant women experience the anemia due mal nutrition, weak metabolism. This can lead to the general tiredness, weakness as well as shortness of breath. The Iron and folic acid supplements are given to boost the hemoglobin levels in the blood. The practice of Pranayama, particularly Ujjayee is beneficial to make use of the profusion of the oxygen so that can bring the better exchange of the gases along with enriched blood circulation. This mechanism of the pranayama brings the proper absorption and assimilation of the nutrients, so that general wellbeing and health is achieved. The precise exercise of the discretion for the healthy food which is rich in all the essential nutrients can beat the conditions of Anemia effectively.
Lack of peristalsis on account poor digestive system is one of the most common causes of constipation, which can be worst in pregnancy leading further complications as the terrible afflictions to the root. Proper diet which comprises sufficient dose of fiber and the practice of asana and pranayama will help to boost the digestion and in turn helps in relieving the problems of constipation.
Mood swings in pregnancy for many of the expecting mothers can be very difficult, some time they may find the extreme sadness during prenatal or post natal conditions on account of depression. This can also affect the development of the baby also. The promotion of the mental health can be achieved using the pranava japa, meditation on breath awareness and the pranayama practices. It is also recommended to be supported with family members with the approach of active involvement or engagement in the healthy bonding of the family and friends.
Back Pain :
Lack of physical activity and many of the postural imbalances on account of the changes in the body can lead to various musculoskeletal health issues .Back pain is one of the common problems in pregnancy. Selected Prenatal Yoga Poses can be of great help in improvement of the strength and flexibility of the spinal muscles, toning the spinal nerves leading to healthy blood circulation for the effective supply of the nutrients and energy. The asana practice is also good for the postural health.
Increased body weight and eating patterns and too much stress associated with various factors during pregnancy can shoot of the blood pressure levels leading to the hypertension conditions. Properly selected yogic practices which involves the Asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques are useful the prevention and management of the hypertension. These practices relieve the deeply rooted tensions of the mind and body, which play the prominent role in the development of the hypertension.
Gestational Diabetes.
A hormonal change during prenatal period brings lots of changes in the physiological processes. Gestational diabetes is one of the risk factor in which blood sugar level increases, which can lead to fatigue, thirsty feelings, weight loss experience. Further it can also effect the growth and development of the baby too. The wise selection of yoga practices and the healthy lifestyle with the proper meals plan can be of great help in the prevention of this kind of complication during pregnancy.

In addition to the prevention and management of the pregnancy related complications, the outcome of the practice of prenatal yoga has various advantages, they are;

> The improved sleep pattern and emotional stability
> Calmness, peace of mind and self awareness
> General strength and flexibility for the muscles and joints of the body
> Promotion of physical and mental health and well being
> The growth and development of healthy baby.
Prenatal yoga sessions needs to be practiced under the guidance of the experienced and competent yoga teacher in order to maintain the safety.

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